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I am a first time mom and my field of work has been in dev. delays and autism, so I’m very heightened to this. My daughter is 81/2 months and has excellent eye contact, lots of social smiles and responds to her name but is extremely quiet… she coos and blows raspberries here and there but does not babble and I’m super worried :confused: she also isn’t crawling yet… we’ve gone to a speech therapist but they can’t do much with her being so young. She also loves the tags of toys… she’ll play with the whole toy too. Am i just being paranoid? I guess my biggest worry is the not babbling…
I’ll also say she eats well and has great fine motor skills & is very observant to everything around her.

Hi! I responded about the crawling on your other post. But I’ll also add I have a youtube play list with crawling videos and a crawling gross motor program if you are interested in more support. Also, here is our Developmental Milestone Round Up Blog Post with lots of info about gross motor!

Hi mama!! It’s definitely hard to not analyze all of our babies’ skills, especially when we’re in the field. It really sounds like your baby is on track-some babies crawl closer to 9/9.5 months and that’s still within the normal range.

As far as the speech, if the evaluating therapist thought she was too young for treatment at this point then she’s probably on track their as well. Making noises and making good eye contact are great signs that she’s taking it all in.

Maybe @Speechwithjwo @Twowayspeech or @abg_speechtherapy can offer some thoughts as well in that area?

Hi! I love how proactive you’re being and wanting to know if your child is on track. It can be hard to separate the professional hat and the mom hat. In terms of not being able to provide speech therapy since she is young… there isn’t an age that is too young or too old. If a child could benefit from it… it can start at any age. It sounds like your daughter is moving through the stages of development. She responds to her name, coos, smiles, blows raspberries etc. A suggestion I have is that when she blows raspberries or coos… you imitate her. Any sounds that she makes, you imitate her. This will help to establish turn taking and then eventually you can start making some sounds and see if she imitates them after you’ve practiced imitating her. There are different stages of babbling. Here’s my most recent post about the stages of babbling.

If you have additional questions let me know.

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How’s your little girl doing? Sounds very similar to my girl she’s only 6.5 months old though she’s very interactive but quiet