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Won’t pull to stand in SMOs

My son is 9 months old and has been pulling to a stand for a month and cruising for a few weeks. He just got SMOs last week and when wearing them (in a flexible frame but hard soled shoe, like a vans slip on) he won’t even try to pull to a stand. Not that he can’t but he won’t try. And he gets frustrated and upset until we take them off and then he pulls up immediately.

Any tips on encouraging him to pull up when wearing the orthotics? He also is very bad at cruising while wearing them but I’m sure that will come with time!

*SMOs are for severe pronation, hyper mobility, and external tibial torsion.

That can be so frustrating. Thank you for reaching out. We often see this and even when kids first start using shoes. I would have him wear them a lot in the beginning so he gets used to them and they don’t feel as foreign. I would also spend some time doing play with him where when he gets on his knees at support you then help him bring his leg forward to start the pull to stand. Sometimes they may have trouble because of the additional weight or size or friction with pulling the leg through. Does that make sense?