Why are exersaucers and jumperoos considered bad?

I got these items as baby gifts-are they actually bad for my baby or are they ok, just not “ideal”?

Hi, this is a common question. There are lots of info on this topic under the #freethebabies hashtag on instagram. But I think in terms of these two items the jumperoo would be the one you want to avoid. One of the biggest challenges is that most parents put their kids in these things before they are developmentally ready for them which puts their hips at risk. Until your little one is pretty much standing and walking on their own their hips aren’t ready for the impact of the jumperoo. It also promotes toe walking which kids don’t just ‘outgrow’.

With regards to the exersaucer this is one that if you need to use something ideally no more than 15-20 minutes a day. Also your little one ideally is able to get into standing on their own but at the minimum they can sit well otherwise they just slump. Also, the instructions always say to not have it set so their feet are flat (for liability purposes) but really that also just promotes being on the toes so you need to make sure that it is set at a height where their feet are flat (and they are supervised).

Hopefully this answers your questions. Happy to answer more if you have them. I have a #freethebabies highlight on my instagram from before and this week we just did practical solutions to help parents come up with ways to decrease use of some of these devices. But of the two the jumperoo is the one I would avoid!

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this is so helpful thank you!

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Oh good! And please don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions! And congrats on your little one!

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