Who is a late talker?

Hi! I am a speech language pathologist and I just wanted to offer some information about who is considered a late talker.

Late Talker

  1. a toddler between 18-30 months
  2. limited expressive vocabulary for their age
  3. has a good understanding of language (receptive language)
    4.typically developing play skills, social skills, problem solving and motor skills

Research tells us that 70-80% of late talkers catch up without intervention. Although this sounds promising, it still means that 20-30% of late talkers will enter school with language difficulties/delays. Be proactive! if this sounds like your child have them evaluated for early intervention speech language services!!

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Hey @Talkingtotsnj Thank you so much for posting this and welcome to the community!! I have a question, is there anything parents can do on the front end to prevent their child from becoming a late-talker or do you usually see familial patterns of parents who were also late talkers?

how many words should an 18-30 month old have typically?

@Talkingtotsnj Thank you for posting this, it is very informative!

My daughter will be 10 months old next week, and she does not imitate speech sounds. (She does, however, make screeching sounds that she seems to want her older brother to make back to her!) Should she be doing this already and is there anything I can do to help her? Any sounds she makes, we do make back to her, but she seems to stop reciprocating then.

Thank you!

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Dr. Becky’s is a company co-founded byDr. Rebecca Landa, a developmental scientist/SLP from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Our first product, Dr. Becky’s Book Bundles, is based on over 20 years of Dr. Landa’s research and clinical work. It is a bundle consisting of a developmentally appropriate book for toddlers that has guided imitation, verbal, and play prompts written in the text for the adult reader to help reinforce language skills and help children interact with the story. The books are paired with toys and props that further engage the child and invite imaginative play. They are an easy way to provide a rich, interactive language experience that lays the foundation for early literacy and will help teach parents how to make the most of their reading experiences with their children to prevent them from becoming late talkers. Dr. Becky’s

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Hi! I am a speech language pathologist and I just wanted to offer some information about who is considered a late talker.

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Thanks for sharing this!!