Which is the best baby food to start with when my baby reaches that stage?

My baby is going to be starting solids soon-which is the best food to start with? :carrot: :corn: :avocado: :strawberry: :banana:?

My pediatrician had recommended to start with simple veggies first like peas, carrots or corn and only later go to the sweeter fruits so they get used to the veggie flavors first. What has your pediatrician recommended?

Hey there! When my son was little, I remember that my pediatrician also recommended that we start with mild veggies. I actually thing I started with zucchini. He loved it!!! :slight_smile:

When my kids were little, which was 15 years ago :grimacing:, we started with rice cereal. I don’t think that’s a thing anymore. The point about starting with mild veggies does make a lot of sense :thinking:

@mom_carly4 my first did not react well to the oatmeal or rice cereals but did well with puréed veggies to start (think we went with carrots, then peas). I never really stuck with one brand. If a pouch though I liked to get the ones you can see inside of.
My second I did babyled weaning with and it was the best thing ever! Recommend age to start though is 6 months. He’s always been the best eater and I definitely give BLW credit for that. It did not go as well for my third though at 6 months but that’s ok. We went back to purées with him and eventually got the hang of it a little later on. (With three kids sitting there spoon feeding isn’t always possible lol but I always keep a close eye).
There are a lot of resources out there for BLW if you want to research!

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@Boymom3 That is so interesting!!! Can you tell me more about babyled weaning or what books to order from the library? I’m intrigued!

@Momto2 I read a lot of articles I found on Pinterest and one book I recall from the library called something like safe and simple BLW if I remember correctly.

Baby Self-Feeding and Raising a Happy, Healthy Eater by Melanie Potock are BY FAR my favorite book on BLW and starting solids!!!