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When to seek support/intervention (rolling)

My little one just turned 6 months old and has been rolling from back to tummy for the last month (only to her right side). When she gets on her tummy she’ll stay there for 20 minutes at a time, happily playing with toys or staring at things.

We’ve tried a lot of the tips and tricks (that we’ve learned from this site) like having her track a toy and rolling her out of tummy time, but no luck. It is nice that she can’t get out of tummy time, so she’s getting some extra practice.

We plan to talk to the pediatrician at her well visit this week, but at what point should we be looking for some additional help/intervention?

(I know a lot of doctors like to wait and watch, but I also know the importance of early intervention. Also I’m a first time mom and don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill. )

Hi! A couple of questions, is she reaching when she is playing with toys on her tummy? Is she pushing all the way up on her arms? These are two things that can help because the weight shifting with reaching will help them to go over. If you can get her to reach and track a toy and give decreasing assistance at her hip (not sure if that makes sense or not) it can help. Also, to get her to roll to her left, one of my favorite tricks is to block the side they go to. Usually that means I might put her next to a couch on the right and have her toys and stuff to the left. Here is a highlight I have with some rolling (tummy to back is mixed throughout). Instagram Highlight on Rolling

I know I didn’t answer your intervention question yet but curious about the questions I had. And, honestly if it would ease your mind, then it never hurts to get an evaluation or book a consult with someone who can tell you if they would recommend an evaluation.

Thanks for the response! (The link doesn’t go to your page, but I did go and find it. You have so much helpful information!)

I never thought about blocking that side, that’s brilliant. I already tried it and she’s begun rolling the other way!

She kind of reaches for toys, but only out in front of her(she supports herself on her elbows when she does it or not at all). I have not been able to get her to reach up while she’s on her tummy. When she tracks a toy, and it gets to where she needs to weight shift, she either stops tracking it or quits supporting herself with herself and “swims”.

Sorry about that, that’s so weird, when I try it it goes directly to the highlight. Oh well, one of these days I’ll figure tech out!

I’m so glad blocking the side worked! I had used that trick to stop my son from rolling in his crib but of course he figured it out!

When she reaches for toys, keep trying to get her to follow them and you can help at the hip to just ‘tip’ her over! You can also use a therapy ball to help with the weight shifting if you have one. I can try to do a video over the weekend and put it on stories (I have a teething infant so we will see how he cooperates). But helping them complete the roll can often work really well and then eventually the start to figure it out!

Let me know if that makes sense.

Thank you for sharing your advice Stacy @Starfishtherapies!! @laws15 you can also check out the podcast we did together with @Starfishtherapies on this topic!