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When to seek speech therapy?

When does articulation really count for toddlers? I have an almost 2 year old and her articulation isn’t great. She has 100-ish words and is combing 2 words, but words like “come” is “umm”. And hot, is ot, yes is des, and car and truck are consistent words, but not identifiable out of context.

My older son has apraxia, so it’s really hard for me not worry, but also, to know what’s typical


Great questions! @TinyTalkers @Speechwithjwo @abg_speechtherapy are you able to offer any advice here?

This is a great question. Typically at 2 years old, we see children using around 50 words (so 100+ is great, and more than typical!) and beginning to put two-words together. We only expect to understand about half of what little ones say at this age. Many speech sounds may not develop until your child is 2-3 years old, so until they do, their words may be limited to the same few sounds. It’s also common for children under the age of three to use patterns of speech that make it easier for them to talk. By the time they are 4-5 years old, we should be able to understand pretty much everything they say. We always recommend talking to your pediatrician with any concerns though! We have a lot of information and resources on our Instagram page @tiny.talkers and our website We also offer 1:1 virtual speech consultations for parents who would like to discuss their child’s speech or language concerns further!
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