When to seek more help for child who isn’t crawling?

My son is a few days from 11 months old and has not mastered crawling yet. He rolled from back to front at around 4 months but took another month or so to do the other way consistently. He is able to sit well unassisted, stand on legs for a good length of time and just started to get on hands and knees and rock. He has been doing this the last few weeks and goes backwards a little then falls onto stomach. Trying to prioritize floor and tummy time but wondering if there are other things to do or if he should see a professional? At 9months old the doctor didn’t seem concerned at all but I definitely feel like he is behind or maybe just lacks the motivation to do it. Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Nwolson10, welcome! So happy you’re prioritizing free play on the floor! The fact that he’s started to get on his hands and knees and rock is a really great sign! Babies will often do this 4-point rocking motion before they start to advance forward. Toys can often be use as motivators to start the forward motion. I’m going to attach a story highlight that we did that you may find useful :slight_smile:

@Starfishtherapies @TheMovementMama @Alinclusivetherapy @Tinytotspt @magicmomentstherapy @PT4kidz80 or any others have some tips, posts, or resources??

Hello @Nwolson10!

I’m Shruti, a pediatric PT. Seems like your LO started rolling on time and has some nice pre-crawling skills. Yay for transitioning on hands/knees. LOs start crawling between 8-10/11months of age, and though I wouldn’t classify your son as having a delay, some purposeful play ideas may help. I have a bunch of posts in IG on crawling, which you can find here. I also have a highlight and blog post on crawling. You can access a free pre-crawling checklist here.

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Hi :raising_hand_woman:t2:

So based on everything you said, there are lots of positives! In that he sits unassisted, rolled back to stomach at 4 months! :smiley::smiley: and bears weight on his legs :leg: and now rocking in all fours ! Yay!
A great activity to do in all fours is reaching to touch a toy on the floor with right hand touch or tap then left hand. Look around at your toys and gradually move up the height of the right and left reaches from floor height to shoulder height! This will give him strength to hold his body weight with one arm, which he needs for crawling!
Other things to consider are what we call transitional movements. Has he rolled continuously both directions, can he get in and out of sitting , can he pull up to stand etc
If you feel he hasn’t been good with those transitions then that could be the missing link and it never hurts to see a professional!
I wish the public would use pediatric physical therapists more for wellness motor check ups. A couple of visits could make a difference in so many motor skills and teach you plenty fun activities to do at home :house_with_garden:
Thanks for reaching out!
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Hi, everyone has such great advice! Here is a post I did with some crawling troubleshooting!
I also have a whole playlist of videos on youtube about crawling that might help!