When is a child supposed to begin jumping?

My son is 2 years and 3 months old and isn’t jumping yet. I see him trying to more frequently now, but he can’t jump with two feet at the same time. Should i be concerned? Are there any exercises I can be doing with him?

I wouldn’t be too concerned yet! Jumping with both feet might not happen until closer to 30 months. I often look at what are they doing and it sounds like they have some of the basics but aren’t getting foot clearance at the same time. You can have fun with this and help them with jumping so they start to get both feet off the ground. Find opportunities throughout the day where you help them and where you just ask them to jump without your help. Repetition and practice are good things! Here is a blog post we did a long time ago with some ideas. https://starfishtherapies.com/2010/05/jump-for-joy/

Love the blog post! Such helpful information. Thank you so much for your answer-I definitely feel more at ease.

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You’re welcome! Glad it helped!

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