What would the reason be?

What would be the reason for a baby to be fully indep. sitting but not rolling? My almost 10 month old just started rolling but still does not do it often. Less than once a day. She has been sitting stable for a few months now, has tons of floor time, cannot get into sitting on her own but can get out of it onto her tummy and just the past couple of days started army crawling. Just the last day or so can pull to stand on our laps but no interest in doing it with objects.

Hey @Kelly1198 , we’ve gotten this question a few times recently so you’re definitely not the only parent who has noticed this pattern.

While I haven’t seen your baby specifically, I would imagine that you can place your baby in sitting and she can sit well enough, but she’s lacking very much needed core strength that usually develops from rolling-without that core strength, she’s going to struggle to get in and out of sitting, but obviously you’re seeing.

If your baby is really struggling to roll over, I highly recommend our babies on the move course- we have very practical rolling tips along with all the other milestones of the first year.

Once that skill is mastered and the underlying strength has been built, your baby will have a much easier time meeting future milestones.

I hope this is helpful!

Check out kinactive kids on instagram. I believe this falls under what she calls a “happy sitter” she has tons of advice and tips on her page. I believe her own daughter was very similar. Check out her “heidi” highlight (i think thats what its called)

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