What to do for biting

Hi Mommy/therapist
Please help out a fellow very worried mom here.
My 18 month old starting biting it’s his first year in school and got bit by another student ever since he has been biting.
Please send in all advice ideas and insights.
Thank you!!!

This is so tough! Not my area of expertise, but as a mom I can say that it’s not abnormal toddlers to bite when their emotions are strong-they upset, but can’t express it or they become so excited and they can’t contain their emotions.

@Drkarenweiss do you have any suggestions?

This is very normal- at 18 months, your tot knows what he wants or how he feels, but he can’t really express it yet. He’s not sure how to communicate his frustration or other feelings, so sometimes he bites instead. Sometimes, kids who are soothed by sucking, chewing, or biting (think pacifier or bottle) also bite when they want to show affection or need calming. Since this is your son’s first time in school, he is probably just learning how to navigate his interpersonal world, and figuring out how to to get his needs met. Start by firmly (but not angrily) saying “No biting. Biting hurts.” Then help him by narrating his experience for him: “Oh, you’re so MAD that Max took your toy away!” Or “Oh, are you tired? Let’s find your lovey.” Also check in with your son’s teacher to see how they handle this in school- they may be able to give you some tips, and consistency across settings is helpful. And don’t worry too much! This happens a lot with kids this age, and it will probably resolve itself once he has more words. Good luck!

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Thank you so much;

Thank you for calming me down and making me feel so much better I will definitely use these tips!!

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