What to call an OT?

hi - my daughter starts OT in a few weeks. We just started speech and we called the therapist her speech teacher and she was so excited to go to her new speech teacher. What would you call an OT? She’s 4 and highly inquisitive.

I just started treating a 5 year old for physical therapy and her mom asked if she can call me her gymnastics coach-I said if that’s what will make her excited then that works for me!

You could call the OT a movement teacher, play teacher, or even an occupational teacher and explain the types of activities that an occupational teacher does. Being 4, these terms are really all new so introducing the real name and explaining what it is can also actually work really well and help your daughter better understand.

Good luck!

Hi there! The kids I work with call me their OT teacher :blush:

we call her the OT and my son has never had any questions about that title. probably when your daughter starts working with the OT, shell begin understanding what that time means and what an OT is similar to how kids learn what a teacher is