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What is he trying to do?

My son just started rolling over consistently this week. Now when he’s on his tummy, he’s been doing what you see in the image below… putting his arms behind him to the side. What is he trying to do… roll back over? Do I need to correct it?

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Hi @Erika_H.

From the picture, it appears that he is demonstrating the landau reflex. This is considered a postural reflex that emerges between 3-5 months and is considered a typical part of neurological maturation. Is he able to move in and out of this position, or is he getting stuck and frustrated?

Here’s a post we did to give you more details.

I agree with @tots-mary. And this is important for the development of their extensor muscles but we don’t want them to get ‘stuck’ there. You should see playing with this position but then moving out of it!

Awesome, thanks! He is able to move in and out of it, so I’m glad to know it’s completely normal!

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