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My baby is 3 months old and started to roll over back to front last week. Problem is she can’t get front to back! Any tips encouraging that?

My baby is 5.5 months old and not rolling yet. Should I be worried? How can I encourage him?

3 months is still very young for purposeful rolling back and forth. But if your baby has already started rolling from back to front, but not front to back, the best thing to do is Tummy Time!

Time spent on the tummy helps build up arm, back and neck strength all needed to roll over from belly to back.

@Kerry_O Hi! That’s a great question! It has been my experience that some babies will roll from belly to back first, but it’s usually by accident and they often wonder how they got there :blush:. However, going from back to belly requires a great deal of core strength to both initate and follow through with the rotation. The first thing you can do is make sure he’s getting loads of tummy time and free movement on the floor (limit use of containers like the swing or exersaucer). Secondly, when he’s on his back you can help him initiate the rotation at his hips and then use a preferred toy to move from his line of vision up and out to his periphery. As his head and neck turn, his body will likely follow with your support. I hope this makes sense. I’m also going to tag some amazing PT’s because I’m sure they have some awesome tips that I may have missed. :blush::blush: @tots-allison @Starfishtherapies @TheMovementMama

Hi! I’ve recently done quite a few posts on Instagram and my stories about rolling in both directions. Here is one about rolling back to from t and another about front to back. Everything @tots-allison said is great but if you are looking for visuals I have some highlights as well! (My 5 month old is working on these skills too!) Rolling back to stomach
Rolling stomach to back
Hopefully this helps!

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