Weight on forearms in tummy time

My 3mo has been making great progress in tummy time, but she doesn’t put weight on her forearms or hands. She hasn’t discovered the use of her hands yet. When she’s in tummy time flat on the ground she can hold herself up, but isn’t using her shoulder or arm muscles. Is there anything I can do to encourage that?

Hi @Liz1! We actually recently posted a reel with the tummy time progression-it takes time for babies to bear weight through their forearms and hands


Keep offering lots of floor time opportunities - as long as she’s tolerating it well and making progress, all is good!

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Just to add, we offer lots of info on what to expect with each milestone and ways to help facilitate each milestone in our Babies on the Move course!

Hi, I agree with @tots-allison. You can also work on tummy time in elevated positions like on the boppy or your chest which will help. Here is a post on helping with weight bearing on arms. Keep us posted! Prone Propping and Pushing Up


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I am Jennifer, a pediatric PT and I agree :100: with Allison and Stacy above!
Elevating the tummy time surface is SO helpful!
Don’t forget elbows under the shoulder first before you move onto pushing up with hands and elbows straight (like a push up)

Here is a lil trick to get hands down on floor and maybe even pushing up while doing tummy time

I love a therspy ball to help with tummy time but would recommend a therapist to get you comfy with that !
Arm rests on couches are good elevated surface too! Elbows over the edge.

Thanks for asking the tots on target community!