Weight bearing in extension

Almost 6 month old not able to weight bear on extended arms. He’s great in tummy time, weight shifts when reaching for toys, pivots in a complete circle, and is so close to sitting up on his own…… but he has no interest in pushing up into extension. With gentle support at the elbows into extension, he can weight bear for a very short time (few seconds). He starts PT next week but wondering if there’s an underlying reason as to why his shoulders seem so weak.

That’s great that he is doing so well with so many things. Do you have toys and things elevated? Even a small step stool or a couch with cushions removed can help. You want things above them so they have a reason to push up. You can also try doing tummy time over your lap or a cushion just to work on the weight bearing. A ball is also a great tool because you can unweight so that it is easier to push up!
Here are a bunch of tummy time videos with the ideas I talked about! Tummy Time - YouTube
Here is a post on prone prop Login • Instagram

I was trying to find one I know I have of toys elevated and I can’t find it right now (I’ll keep looking) but here is he going into hands and knees but because he wanted something higher. Idea is the same. Login • Instagram