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Walks with bent knees

My kid 17 months old.
He was a low tone baby,started walking at 14 months.
But now I’ve noticed he sometimes walks with bent knees.
Is this normal and what should i do?

Without seeing it would be hard to say. Kids that are newer walkers will play with a lot of movement as they are learning how their bodies work. If it’s only occasionally it probably is ok but if it’s concerning to you it might be worth asking a local pediatric PT to take a look. You can also always work on activities to strengthen the legs such as climbing and stairs!

Agreed with @Starfishtherapies that this could be completely safe in the normal range of what many babies do as they are attaining and practicing new skills. If you do see a change in a few weeks, check in with a PT. You can also see your pediatrician to make sure s/he doesn’t notice anything in the joints.