Walking Tips

Suggestions please for how an adult can physically support an 15 month old who is attempting at taking steps with support? Wondering what the proper formation from supervising adult looks like. Many thanks!!

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Hi, are you talking about you physically supporting them or just how to support the development?

For physically supporting them we encourage holding their hands at shoulder height or below (not overhead) or to help them at their hips.

In terms of encouraging walking, here is a blog round-up with a whole section on promoting walking (including our youtube playlist and our pre-walker self paced program that gets kids to walking!)

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Hey @Jschneider, yes- it’s best to hold baby’s hands at or below shoulder height. So many parents hold baby’s arms overhead (with good intentions) but that doesn’t help baby develop the proper center of gravity or balance reactions.

Sometimes it’s helpful for baby to hold onto a broom handle that you hold as well and guide them forward.

Does this make sense? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: