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Walking on toe right foot only

Hi, my baby just turned one and he is cruising all over furniture and walking using his push walker, but does not walk independently yet. I noticed that when he walks or cruises he goes up on his toes a lot, mainly on his right foot. His right foot also turns in quite a bit compared to his left which causes his to walk a bit unevenly. He also mostly uses his left when pushing up to stand (it’s his primary foot ). Otherwise he uses both sides of his body equally, when crawling, picking things up, playing etc. Should I see a PT for this? Tips to help him walk?


Hi @Sghalandari- before baby is walking independently for a few months. We typically don’t need to intervene just yet as the muscles are developing and strengthening around the bones and helping to improve alignment as the baby is putting more weight through the joints.

That being said, you can do some squatting activities and position your baby’s foot in better alignment to help-you can place some toys on a coffee table as your baby is standing to play with them, drop them to the floor so that he squats down and hen put them back on the coffee table. Repeat as many times as your baby’s attention span allows.

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you! I will try this and report back!

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