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Walking Development

Hi! I’m new and have a question. My daughter (just turned 12 months) started taking independent steps almost two weeks ago. Since then she’s learned to stand up independently and will take 4-6 steps then decides to crawl. She still isn’t taking more than a few wobbly steps independently. Is that normal? When my son started walking, within 24 hours he was walking all around but he was 14.5 months when he started. My daughter cruises well and fast and is pretty fast with push toys. Is it normal to plateau in independent walking?

Hi, yes that can be typical. Both of your kids have a typical development! Just keep providing opportunities for her to walk or transition between things and one day she will decide that walking is more efficient for her. Here is a post on walking opportunities and I also have a highlight on walking that may be helpful. I am in the process of uploading a video called ‘What if my little one isn’t walking yet’ and I will link it as soon as it’s up.

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My internet finally uploaded the video… It’s been a long day! Hope this helps but definitely reach out for questions! What if My Little One isn't Walking Yet? - YouTube

Hey @Kristen_Malabayabas! @Starfishtherapies is 100% correct. When my twins started walking, they were on the later end at 16.5 months, but within a few days they just jet off and that was it! They had crawled and cruised for so long but were just waiting for those independent steps and then they were ready to run.

Other kids-and I’ve seen this more with earlier walkers-“toddle” for a lot longer until they get control of their center of gravity and balance.
Basically everything in the first 3-4 months of walking is normal as they’re figuring out this new skill.

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