Walking but not standing

Hi! Question. My 14 m old son is pulling up on anything and everything and then will walk all over the house. But he has yet to stand up on his own in the middle of a room or without using something to pull himself up. Is this ok? I feel like he’s doing it backwards haha. He will bend down to pick something up but won’t use his legs to stand back up. He will fall or sit down and sometimes crawl to Something to stand back up or “walk” on his knees. Is there something I can do to encourage him to try standing up on his own without having to pull himself up?

Hi @BMarum -welcome to the community! While this is on the later end, it’s still within the normal range to need to pull up to stand.

My recommendation is to offer your baby a low surface to push up off of instead-a sturdy couch cushion or something similar so he starts using his legs and arms to push up to stand instead of pulling up.

You may have to help guide him at first (try placing his hands on the surface and then pulling back on his hips)

Let me know if this helps!

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I agree with @tots-allison! Here is a video we did looking at ways to help as well. Floor to Stand - YouTube


Hi @BMarum !!

Yes! Welcome to the community!
This is one of my very fav topics!
And although Allison & Stacy addressed so much with great advice, might I add a little training tips as well.
I just posted two reels. My last 2 currently today on variations on pull to stand and training ideas

I will try And copy the links here for below!

But I also recommend some training from a properly fitting stool



I hope these images and videos help!
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