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Any suggestions on how to break my 2.5 year old from “W-sitting”? I know how harmful it is to development. I feel like I’m constantly reminding him to “fix his feet” or put his “feet in front”. Thankfully he’s pretty compliant and almost always changes his position but within a matter of minutes he’s worked his way back to the W and in nagging him again. Any tips to break him of this habit?

Hi @Aburns526! This is very common with W sitters. It’s great that you’re trying to stay on top of it by reminding him. It’s possible that when he adjusts his feet, he doesn’t have the core strength to maintain another position. The W gives him a wider base of support so his core doesn’t have to engage as much.

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That being said, strengthening the core and hip muscles and the primary focus to help him build that support. Lots of squatting and standing and tall kneeling play as seen in this reel.

I would start with that!!

@Starfishtherapies @magicmomentstherapy @PT4kidz80 any other suggestions?


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See if he can do this exercise (link below) to train his body to activate his core and find that alternate sidesitting position & kneeling when on floor.

This is tough! Try it yourself! W sitting can be due to weak core and overall low tone and laxity. Let me know if you found this challenging for yourself and him!

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