W sit 13 month old

I would love some extra info on W sitting, my 13month old will often (almost always) prefer to sit back this way as she stops crawling. She is not walking yet and only just starting to enjoy pulling herself up to stand. Has a push a long walker that she will push while shuffling forward on knees but not interested in walking while pushing it. How do I get her out of the W sit habit at only 13months

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Hi @brookem, welcome!

I have seen babies do what you’re describing. Can she transition from this w-sit back into crawling, or move into a sitting position?

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Yes she can easily move herself back to crawling or sitting properly, but will always go to W as her preferred sitting position

Also might add - tongue tie revised at 4 weeks old. Seems to be later to reach milestones in general.

Hey @brookem!

I think this post I did with a similar aged baby who had very loose hips might help you.

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Let me know what you think and if you have questions on the post!

Here is a post I did a while ago with tips to help avoid w-sitting

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