Voice volume

Should my 2yo (27 mo to be exact) be able to change the volume of his voice based on context? He doesn’t use a louder voice when we’re in a noisy situation (restaurant, playground etc). He talks in normal volume & i have to explicitly tell him “i cant hear you, speak louder”. He knows what loud/quiet is & changes his volume when directed to do so, so he def can control the volume of his voice.

My concern is that he’s not picking up the context clues to increase his volume so he can be heard. Like if I’ve ignored a request, he just gives up or sometimes will find me and stand next to me til i ask him if he needs something.

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Thank you for this question! My guess is that just like with emotions, it takes time to regulate.

But let’s see if any speech therapists have any tips! @TinyTalkers @Speechwithjwo @abg_speechtherapy

Hi! Pediatric SLP here. I’ve used a volume chart or played the “volume game” with kiddos who have a hard time with volume control. Basically, when you are at home, play a game where you practice using different volumes, from a loud voice down to a whisper. Add in a hand gesture to cue for “loud voice” and “whisper” (for example, tapping your ear when you are getting loud, making “shhh” gesture when whispering). Once they have the hang of it, have your kiddo follow your hand gestures to raise or lower his volume (like Simon Says but for volume). Talk about needing your “big voice” or “loud voice” (while gesturing) when you are in noisy places, like a restaurant or a noisy park. When you are out in public and it happens, cue verbally and with your gestures at first, then cue only with the gestures when he needs to raise his volume, and hopefully he should start to get the hang of raising/lowering his volume on his own!

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Ok yeah I’ll incorporate those prompts.

But my question, which i understand is a tough one, is that is it atypical that we have to work on it? Like that he’s not just picking it up naturally on his own without teaching?