Vision therapy from a distance for developmentally delayed toddlers

We are doing zoom and it has been a challenge finding productive things to do for medically fragile and developmentally delayed children through a screen when focusing on vision. I have been reading books, any other ideas?

@Cunninbm1 Hey there! This is definitely not my area of expertise, but the only thing I could think of is to have the parent modify the environment to minimize completing stimuli. If the natural surroundings are more muted colors with nothing on the walls, the child may be able to direct his/her attention to the screen more easily. Also, keep in mind that for toddlers, their attention spans may only be for a few minutes. And if the child has some developmental delays, that may shorten the directed attention even more. You may get a few minutes of sustained attention, but I have a feeling a lot of your session may be spent coaching and consulting with the parent. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Also, at what age do you think a child is supposed to go from banging on items to purposefully interacting with them? What would be techniques to encourage correct interaction? I stop activity and demonstrate correct play

Hey there! I would say that you’ll notice more what we would describe as purposeful play anywhere from 9-12 months (even thought there is a purpose to banging toys :wink:) You could try some gentle hand over hand initially, especially for cause and effect toys, because this will increase the likelihood that he/she will repeat the same motor pattern to get the toy to activate. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: