Until what age do I worry about SIDS?

At what age do you have to stop worrying about SIDS? I’m due with my second soon and I don’t know why, but I’m more nervous this time around. Obviously I know to put my baby on his/her back to sleep, but at what point can I stop worrying? Im just so nervous!

Hey mamma! Pregnancy can make us all a little (or a lot!) jittery-a mixture of hormones, all the extra reading we do, and fear over taking care of yet another little human.

I believe the risk of SIDS is greatest at 2-3 months, up until 6 months-but there is a small percentage of risk until 12 months.

If you’re really nervous, I believe there are mats that can go under the crib mattress that have alarms that go off if the baby stops breathing. I never used one myself, but sister-in-law did


If you do your best in following the guidelines, that’s all you can do!

Make sure you have a safe crib with no rails that can lower down, no bumpers, toys, or blankets
Also don’t use rock n plays for sleep (I used it all the time for my last baby, but then studies came out saying it really wasn’t safe!)

You got this!

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I don’t know that you ever stop worrying about the baby! Emily Oster has a book Crib Sheets where she looks at the data and found the risk decreases around 4 months. She also has a great newsletter where she looks at data and compiles it in an easy to understand fashion.

I will say my son is 9 months old and I still go into his room at night when I wake up to check on him!

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