Typical Speech Errors in Toddlers

We wanted to share our chart on patterns of speech errors that are typically a part of toddler speech development!

Why do children use these patterns?

As children are learning to talk, they often use speech patterns that make it easier for them to say words. Little ones often haven’t developed enough sounds to say words the way adults do, so they make it easier for themselves! It’s actually quite impressive!

Regardless of how your child says words (or how cute it sounds), you should say words the correct way to them! We know how easy it is to get caught up in how cute little ones sound when they talk, but remember that they are trying to speak like us! When we imitate toddler speech and even use their version of words as our own, we are confusing the process of learning correct speech patterns!⁣

If you have any questions on speech errors, you can head to our post (link below) and let us know!
Typical Speech Errors in Toddlers

Stephanie + Becky