Tummy Time

Hi. My daughter is five months. She can roll side to side and tummy to back. She loves to play with her feet. When we put her on her tummy she just rolls out. Our pediatrician told us to back off Tummy time for a week and try again. We did that and she still rolls right out of tummy time. We’ve tried tummy time on our lap, chest, on a yoga ball. You name it we tried. She just rolls right out. What can/should we do?

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Hi there, welcome! How long has she been rolling out of tummy time? It may just be she learned this cool new skill (rolling belly to back), not to mention she’s found her feet, which are pretty fun too! Is she able to roll from her back to her belly?

Make it a game and roll her onto her belly. When she rolls out, then roll her back in. Almost like a peek a book, but instead of using your hands, you’re moving her :slight_smile:
As long as you’re prioritizing free play on the floor, she’ll likely return to her belly to play. Keep us updated!

Hi, thank you for reaching out! That’s great that she is able to roll! I would now work on her rolling onto her belly!

Also, if you have any highly preferred toys use them for her on her belly. I would have toys at various heights as well so she can work on pushing up and exploring. This will start early climbing which will carry over to other belly skills!

Not sure if that makes sense so if not let me know and I’m happy to clarify!

Agreed with the above-I wouldn’t overly stress about it. As long as your baby is motivated to move and has the opportunity to do so with plenty of open floor time, she’ll continue building her skills.

As @Starfishtherapies mentioned, you can place toys by her side just out of reach and see if she’ll roll back over to get it-or you can help her out if you see she’s interested, but can’t get there. if she doesn’t want to stay there right now, that’s ok.

When placing her on the floor, always start her on her belly, but when she rolls out, let it go. You can make a game of it to roll her back, but if she’s getting frustrated, don’t push it too much.

Soon she’ll figure out that she can roll both ways to actually get where she wants to go.

She started rolling around 3 1/2 months. As soon as we put her down, she quickly rolls onto her back. Then she grabs those cute toes and rolls side to side. I’ve been helping her roll onto her belly. She gets frustrated when we do that and then rolls out of tummy time. When we place her directly onto her belly, she rolls out and looks up at us and gives us this look. We tried placing her on a yoga ball with squiggles on the wall at different heights for her to grab at. That lasted two minutes and then she rolled out again. When she’s on her back we place toys all around her in a circle at different distances. She’ll roll side to side and grab at them but won’t fully roll onto her belly.

The good news is your baby has the strength to intentionally roll from belly to back showing that she has strong back, shoulder and arm muscles-all things that come from tummy time.

I wouldn’t overly stress as we’ve said earlier, continue to roll her onto her tummy and let her roll herself out-that’s ok.

The only question I have remaining is if she has any type of reflex or lower GI issues that’s making that position uncomfortable or painful. I don’t know her demeanor but that could be something to look into if you haven’t already.

She actually had a very bad case of acid reflux in the first two months. We gave her probiotics and gas drops. Then by the 3rd month she got so much better and less fussy with eating. We no longer use the drops.

For many babies with reflux, the tummy down position is associated with pain-either it was previously or it’s possible it still is causing pain.

Something to check back with your doctor about maybe