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Tummy time for a five month old who spits up a lot

Looking for some advice . I have a five month old and he’s a big spitter upper . The dr said it’s fine bc he’s gaining weight and isn’t upset by it but it makes me feel like I can never put him on his stomach bc he spits up instantly and then usually ends up rolling his face in it . He rolls from his back to his stomach but not the other way . I just wish I felt comfortable letting him be on the floor more .

I have a little one who spit up all the time. I just covered everything with blankets or burp clothes and let him have the time on the ground and on his belly. It just meant I had more to clean up but it was worth it because I knew how important tummy and floor time are. And it does get better eventually, I promise! If you go to my instagram and look at highlight videos you will see lots of spit up happening! We also recently wrote a post on tummy time and reflux. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. We are just getting out of it (although of course he spit up all over me today and I’ve been complacent because it was getting better so I didn’t have a burp cloth anywhere near…)

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First, it’s awesome that your little one chooses to roll to his tummy! Tummy time at an incline can be helpful for some kiddos who have reflux. Like @Starfishtherapies mentioned, cover everything with a towel and it will definitely get better over time! Check out this post for incline tummy time ideas!

I have seen MANY of @Starfishtherapies videos with baby spit up! Lol!!! Though her baby is a dream and smiles right through it :blush:. If your baby is ok and seems comfortable, then just lay out those towels and let him lay free! Layer a few burp cloths so if he spits up all over one, you can quickly move it away and he’ll still have other cloths there just in case.

If he’s struggling, @Tinytotspt have a great suggestion- definitely try a small incline which can really help-you can place a towel or two underneath a couch cushion to get that desired incline.

Would it help to give him more “scheduled” tummy time right before feedings and give him a break afterwards to help him digest?

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Allison and Starfish Therapies had some great suggestions. Timing it for before feeds should help a ton too, just make sure it’s not too close to a feed so you don’t have a hangry baby.

You can also try tummy time (TT) over your leg so his chest is on your calf and belly/hips on the floor. Try it in front of a mirror maybe, that way you can still interact with him.

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These tips are really helpful! My daughter does seem to spit up a lot but I know how important tummy time is for her! Thank you! This forum is amazing :blush:

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