Tummy time 12 weeks

My baby is 12 weeks and I notice that during tummy time she pushes up with more strength on her right forearm than the left. Should I be concerned? Any advice for exercises to help strengthen that left side up?

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Rolling is a great way to work on strengthening each side. Here is a video that shows how they use the strength. I will post another video of how you can use rolling to work on arm and trunk and neck strength. Why It's Important to Practice Equally on Both Sides - YouTube


Hi Mollie

Great post - just a few quick questions!
Does she have a head preference to the right at all? Or any flattening on the back of her right head?
(Does she always turn her head to the right in tummy time or on her back?)
@Starfishtherapies awesome suggestion re rolling both ways!


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She has a preference towards the left actually. No flattening thankfully! She is able to turn her head both ways but definitely a strong preference towards the left (turns head to left, rolls into left side)

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Great question Nicole. I thought the same thing. She looks like she is developing muscles on one side more strongly. Encourage her to look to the opposite side. When you hold her in front, make it so she has to look right to see people and objects. Try and approach her from the right when she is sitting in her chair for eating. Increase body awareness to the opposite side and put her on her tummy with toys oriented in the floor to the right. Move the car seat over to the opposite side so she is looking out the window with head turned the way you want. I think you get the picture! Hope this helps!

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Great suggestions above! Understanding if there is an underlying cause (like a side preference) is so important in figuring out how to work through it (thanks @Nicole!)

I totally agree with @TheOTway in trying to encourage more right head rotation using toys, your own face, in the car etc. and @Starfishtherapies video is super helpful for you to check out-really great suggestions!

Another idea for tummy time would be to place a rolled up towel or boppy pillow under her armpits to give her a bit of support so that her left arm has the opportunity to extend and put the same amount of weight through it as her right arm like this- swipe to the second video to see how its done.