Trouble switching to a toddler bed

Does anyone have tips for keeping my son ((almost 3) in his toddler bed? We switched him over a few weeks ago because we are expecting a new baby and wanted to give him a chance to feel settled in his toddler bed before giving the crib to the new baby. Now he just keeps coming out and it’s making our bedtime routine very overwhelming. Please help!

That definitely sounds overwhelming, a stressful bedtime is tough on everybody! How was his sleep before the transition? Did he fall asleep well and sleep through the night?

Here’s a blog post with my top tips for older kiddos’ sleep:

They’re all of course good, but the consistent expectations, paired with the toddler clock, are what I would especially focus in on! Having some bedtime “rules” and consistently reinforcing them will be so important to teach him what you expect at bedtime and through the night. And toddler clocks are a really helpful way to help reinforce those boundaries through the night and for his morning wake up time.

I also have a free resource for parents of older kiddos, called The Guide to Bedtime Boundaries. It helps you scaffold goals for your child to help them feel success right off the bat! You can get it here!

Hang in there, transitions can be tough but you’ll make it through! And congrats on the new baby!

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Thank you so much for responding and for your tips! so so helpful. He was actually really good at going into his crib before the transition so Im regretting this move a bit.

Im definitely going to try setting a very specific routine as you mention in your blog and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Again, thank you!

this is really helpful. Im about to switch my toddler into bed and I’m starting to prepare. Ive heard of some people using baby gates at the child’s door to keep him/her in the room without closing the door. Is that something you found works?

Good, so these are likely just some “growing pains” as he adjusts to the transition! So those consistent routines and expectations will be really key for him. Definitely keep us posted!

How old is your toddler? I always suggest parents wait until as close to the age of 3 (or longer) until transitioning their kiddos, as it’s a big move and much younger than 3 it’s hard to fully grasp what it means to “stay in your bed all night.” And their impulse control just isn’t quite as developed!

Is there a reason the door needs to be open? I’ve heard of families using baby gates, though I’ve never done that or asked a family to do so.

Also, here’s a blog post that will help you think through that transition some more: