Transitioning to a Cup for Milk

Hi! We are starting to transition our 1 year old to whole milk in his straw cup, which he has been drinking water out of for a few months now. The transition has been a little bit bumpy and our daycare has been encouraging us to get a sippy cup but I have heard and read so much conflicting information on their use. What cup do you recommend that isn’t a straw cup to help with this transition?

Thanks for this question-can you say which brand of cup the daycare is recommending and what the negative reviews are suggesting?

Also-is there a reason you don’t want a straw cup? I know many speech therapists say they are great for oral motor development.

I personally used the take and toss cups and my kids did very well with them, but they’re nothing special and they aren’t “no spill” cups, they’re just simple sippy cups

@Jennifer_babich you used all types of sippy cups for milk-any suggestions?

@AlyssaCSLP @SLPHalley any cups you recommend from an speech therapist perspective?

They aren’t recommended a specific brand just a Sippy style cup but what I have read and heard from talking to other moms Sippy cups can cause delays in oral motor and speech and language development. Our dentist also mentioned they could cause issues with our sons teeth but didn’t offer any suggestions other than to avoid them. He won’t drink the milk from a straw cup and will spit it out they said, we’ve noticed this sometimes with water at home but not milk. I think he just needs more practice but wanted to try and find some alternatives if needed.

ASHA has an article with some recommendations for cups that also support oral motor development. Here is the link for the article! Sippy Cups: 3 Reasons to Skip Them and What to Offer Instead

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I think the ASHA article says it all…my children did well on the Zoli cups because the cup has a weighted straw, so if the child is use to drinking from a bottle and they tip the cup, they still get milk. If your child is spitting the liquid out, he may have gotten too much or still getting the hang of it.

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I’ve tried fancy supply cups with all sorts of valves but the easiest has always been the simple munchkin sippy cup for me ! Some SLTs advise a straw and they do have one with a weighted straw which I used Mostly for water

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Straw cups are best and open cups (ezpz has a small size for first timers) Smaller straws like in the Phillip avent my bendy straw cups are great (aside from some drops leaking out when closing it or when it falls hard on the floor). Hope this helps.

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Thank you all!

Hopefully you got some good answers here. Good luck with your cup purchasing mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great article! Thanks for sharing

Hi @JessicaMcCrerey

I totally get the struggle!

From what I understand, straw cups and open cups are the best cups for your LO. You are correct in thinking that sippy cups (like the ones with the hard bottle like top) are not great for children’s oral motor development.

The 360 cup was a cup many SLPs were recommending for a while but there’s recent research that shows it also might not be great for oral motor development.

I agree with @AlyssaCSLP that ezpz makes a great open cup for your LO to learn (I had my daughter start using it at 6 months and it’s great!). I also have used the thinkbaby straw cup, oxo straw cup and philips avent straw cup.

2 resources i use are:
[The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning From a Bottle to a Cup | Speech Sisters]
feedinglittles (Expert Advice On Feeding Your Children - Feeding Littles)

they have instagrams/ blogs that discuss this topic in more details and provide some examples of what to buy in their amazon store front.