Toys/equipment ideas for Family Members

Hi! I’m a new pediatric PT and I have a kiddo with a likely diagnosis of myopathy (waiting on muscle biopsy). She is about to turn one and mom was hoping I could give her some ideas for birthday present ideas for family members to give. She is currently only rolling tummy to back, has difficulty maintaining prone for longer than 30 seconds, and has significant trunk weakness. Any ideas would be very appreciated as I’ve never worked with this diagnosis

Hey @laurenpt. Since she’s having some difficulty in the prone position, we need to work on extending the amount of time she’s able to maintain that position. This items is a little pricey, but I have many families that swear by it. It’s called the nugget. Basically, it’s foam rectangular cushions and two triangular pillows. It’s so versatile so the possibilities are endless. With your guidance, you can show mom how to use the pillows to build up a slight incline to make the prone position a little easier. Then, once she starts sitting and then crawling, the nugget is the perfect piece of equipment to further challenge the baby’s core as it becomes a slightly unstable surface as well as an awesome addition to any obstacle course.

Here’s another cheaper option

These activity tables can be nice because you can remove the legs entirely to make allow it to sit directly on the floor, or you can remove 2 of the legs to make a vertical surface. This may keep her motivated to extend her tummy time sessions a little more.

The only thing I don’t love about some of these activity tables is all of the lights, so I usually tell my parents not to put batteries in it because all that visual stimulation can be overwhelming to the nervous system.

We have some awesome therapists in this community so I’m curious to see what they’ll recommend. :slight_smile:

You can click these pictures directly :slight_smile:

I also really like the activity cube similar to this one.