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Torticollis & Reflux

Hello! Does anyone have experience with babies with torticollis and reflux? Baby is about 7 months and when frustated in supine will arch their back and a right head tilt and trunk flexion is observed. I feel like like the head tilt sometimes changes. Is this normal? Thank you!

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Thanks for reaching out! I have generally seen babies with reflux tend to have a more left sided tilt so there is a correlation. Do you see the tilt in any other position? Do you see equal turning to both sides? There were just two great posts for quick checks on range of motion from Jennifer of Magic Moments Therapy

You could try these to notice if there are asymmetries.

HI @PK028, welcome! You mentioned “supine”, but do you mean when your baby is on the belly?

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@Starfishtherapies - Gahh, I meant a left head and trunk tilt!

@tots-mary - Nope! Supine on their back! They will with arch their back or assume a left head/trunk tilt

It doesn’t hurt to get a PT assessment to see if there is any range of motion restriction. The tightness may have occurred as a result of the movement pattern or it could have been there as a result of positioning in utero. Have you tried the two simple ‘tests’ that I posted above?