Toddler wont wear shoes

Hi, I’m looking for tips for our 14 month old. She’s been walking for 2 months and because of lockdown here she’s not had the need for shoes until now. We’ve tried 3 different pairs now and she hates all of them, wont even stand in them let alone walk. I have checked the fit according to the start rite fit guide and they seem fine.
Shes previously been wearing rubber soled socks and play shoes without any issues. What can we do to make the transfer to hard solved shoes?

Hi, I would steer away from a hard soled shoe at this point. Try the Stevie from See Kai Run or any other shoe that easily folds and is very flexible. And start with putting them on for play without expecting walking right away. Let her get used to them. Let me know if you have more questions! Hopefully that helps!

Here is a link so you can have an idea

It’s very common at this age for toddlers to struggle with the new sensation of wearing shoes. Along with @Starfishtherapies recommendation, maybe try gently massaging and giving some deeper pressure to the foot regularly throughout the day. You can also put them on and take them off quickly several times a day and each time extend the duration. Putting them on during snack time while she’s distracted can also help her get used to the feeling.

Thank you for your reply, I think I have used the wrong wording when I say hard soled. The ones we have are very similar to the link you have attached.
We are just worried she will stand on something sharp now she has begun exploring the park etc

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I will try your suggestions thank you.

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