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Toddler unzipping pajamas

My daughter has recently been unzipping her pjs every night. Anyone have a good solution for this so she doesn’t start also taking her diaper off? Footie pjs are preferable but I haven’t found many that zip up the back

We use a sleep sack which helps. I also put it on backwards so he can’t get to the zipper!

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Not sure how old your daughter is, but have you tried snap pajamas? Those are likely harder to undo in her sleep.

Alternatively, I always put a shortsleeve undershirt with snaps by the diaper on underneath the zipper or snapped PJs-would that work?

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She is 20 months. I haven’t been able to find many snap pjs at her size. Most I’ve seen stop around 9 months. But a double layer with a short sleeve onesie under is a good idea!

I always put a onzie undershirt on underneath pajamas-its a great barrier to keep on that diaper or prevent scratching etc.

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