Toddler Hair Cuts

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone had tips for a toddler who cries every time he gets a haircut.

Thank you !

Hi and welcome to our community!

Speaking as a mom, it was so scary for my kids when they were getting haircuts as toddlers. I wish I had prepped more at the time because it would have saved me from lots of heartache.

Some things I think that could help-
Practice playing “beauty parlor” at home-use pretend scissors (or real if you don’t care) and have your child pretend to cut a baby doll’s hair, or a Barbie, or anything else with hair. You can even try it with play doh “hair”. This can help a toddler understand what’s going on behind his head.

Now there are also so many YouTube videos of everything. Look up videos in this category (for sure there are some!) to help your toddler view the process.

One more suggestion that may or may not help, is at the appointment hold a mirror so the child can see what the hair dresser is doing. Some kids respond well to seeing everything.

Hope some of these tips are helpful! I wish I could retroactively try them with my own. :relaxed:

Great ideas thank you !!