Toddler diastasis

Hi, I’m curious if it’s problematic if my 3 year old still has diastasis? She had a slight umbilical hernia for the first year or two of her life and is always slightly slower with gross motor skills. She no longer has the hernia (that I can see). Are there exercises that are good for helping mend the gap in her muscles?

Hi- my son had a pretty significant diastasis until well after 3, definitely still pronounced at 4. Normal strength and muscle tone. Very small umbilical hernia that resolved in the first 3 months. He is a twin, born at 36 weeks but 6.5 lbs and motor development was always appropriate for chronological age. I was concerned about the diastasis for a long time, especially at that 3-4 year age when it seemed like if he was going to grow out of it he should have. (Side note - I am a ped PT in birth-3 so seemed like I should know if there was something else I should be doing!).
Anyways, he is now 7 and is very active, very self motivated, competitive, and talented bc he is constantly practicing (basketball mostly but will do anything with a ball and do it the best he can). He also swims, has been in swimming since 3. I have just realized in the last maybe 6 months that the diastasis is completely resolved. When his shirt is off and he is playing he actually has some definition in abdominals (and pecs, deltoids, upper traps, and lats). He is a strong kid.
So my point is, he likely will still grow out of it. Keep him active, swimming, throwing, climbing, playing hard. I don’t remember noticing the diastasis much after 5 but I really didn’t realize like, wow, it is completely resolved, until the last year.


Thank you!