Toddler climbing out of the crib

Hi. Asking for my friend. She has a 1.5 year old who is constantly climbing/falling out of the crib. The cribs turned backwards against the wall and he’s in a sleep sack, but still no luck. She’s trying to avoid putting him in a bed. Any other tips or tricks?

@ViaGraces Any advice on this?? :relaxed:

Oof, crib climbing is no joke! I’m thankful your friend is trying all the things before switching to an open bed - I see a lot more sleep challenges comes up when kids are transitioned too young, and 1.5 is SO young!

Thankful the crib is turned backwards, that higher side in front is perfect. She could scoot the crib to the corner so then only one side is climbable. Make sure there is nothing on the other side of the crib (i.e. changing table, bedside table) for him to more easily climb out and onto.

And no crib bumpers? Those are easier to catapult off of.

Some cribs can actually get the mattress all the way to the floor - she’d of course have to check that specific crib, and make sure there’s no gap between the mattress and bottom bar of the crib.

Also watching the monitor closely as he’s going to bed, and as he starts to try, either speak over the monitor with a firm “no climb,” or even go in and prevent him from climbing and say “no climb” to make sure he knows it’s not okay.

Here’s a blog post that goes into more detail with each of those tips:

I would also wonder what his schedule is like! Is he still taking two naps a day or is he on one nap a day? I wonder if there’s some overtiredness, causing hyperactivity, or undertiredness, preventing him from wanting to actually lay down and go to sleep.

I know that’s a lot, but I hope that helps!

My friend is so very thankful for these tips she didn’t think of! Appreciate the help!