Toddler can’t get into standing or stand still

My son has been independently walking for 7 weeks. He can only get into standing by pulling to stand, pulling on vertical surfaces like a wall or door frame or sitting on a low surface like a step and shuffling forward/standing up. He cannot get into standing from the floor on his own. He is also unable to stand still without holding a surface. Is there anything I could do to help him?

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Standing independently without upper body support is a whole new skill that often comes in several months after initial walking starts-so no need to worry at all about this!!

As for unable to stand still-this also takes a lot of balance and strength rather than using lots of momentum that toddlers often use when starting to walk.

  1. I recommend doing lots of squatting and standing activities- put a fun toy on the floor-wait for baby to squat down, then put the toy on a high surface…repeat! This helps build up strength and endurance in the lower body and core.

  2. Encourage your baby to play in a deep squat position if possible-where baby is squatting like a frog and holding that position

  3. Have baby walk along uneven surfaces (while holding on!) to build strength in the ankles- throw pillows down. Couch cushions, etc.

Let me know if these are helpful!



Hi @Elana_Kerner
Allison have some SUPER tips above.
Squatting practice will lead to him getting up from floor and there is nothing wrong with the sit to stand he is doing now from the step.
I do strongly recommend working on standing still

Can also do standing in a corner facing you playing pat a cake
This promotes his body to pull away from the wall to stand alone yet the corners contain and support him all at once.
It will lead to more independent standing
Also practice weight shifting side to side while standing to song. One hand only helping
Example slow and rhythmic “row row row your boat”
Hope this helps!
Jennifer PT PCS

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To help with standing independently…You can also hold a small container or basket full of small blocks/toys im front of child and have the child stand and play with said toys in basket. At first they will want to hold or lean on to basket while playing, but eventually after building the necessary strenghth they will just stand while playing. The toys esentially distract the child and they dont necessarily realize that they arent actuallly holding on to anything whike playing and standing!