To Wrap or Not To Wrap?

So HUGE debate in my house about wrapping presents :gift: this holiday season.

I guess it depends on how you were brought up. How much does anticipation of a gift affect the overall experience?

Bottom line: For those who :gift:, are they wrapped?

  • Wrap
  • Don’t Wrap

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I don’t even know how to wrap presents! Ahhhh :woman_facepalming:t3:. Opening big bags is just as fun right?


I wrap, but it doesn’t look too nice! My thinking is, if they’re going to rip it off in 2 seconds, what’s the point? lol lol

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I wrap everything!! Even stocking stuffers! Socks? wrapped! Toothbrush? Wrapped! lip balm? wrapped! It’s exhausting! :joy:

I don’t wrap my sons because we make it look like they were delivered straight from Santa’s workshop all put together! :rofl: or are we lazy?

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That must mean a very late night for you on Christmas Eve!