Tips to Encourage toddler to Drink Water

Hi! My 6 year old dislikes drinking. The only drink he will take is water and he is unable to meet even half of his daily requirement. Any tips or advice on how to make him drink more water?

Can you do an oz chart for him? So he gets to color it in, with incentives for hitting his goal for the week? (I have a pic in my head, let me know if you want me to draw it out!)

Also, have you tried infusing water with different fruit? He might think it’s fun to try different combos and to see what happens to the water. Or freezing healthy ice pops? Like freeze ice around fruit. He can get water in still that way!

Some ideas…

I’ve seen some momma’s do the rubber band technique. They move the rubber band as a means to encourage drinking water.My niece age 6 has a water bottle that has motivational phrases and lines to reach. She is very competitive so she really enjoys having this water bottle. It has helped her a lot with drinking more water :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried any of these but I will! Thanks for the tips!

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This sounds interesting! I’ll try it too. Thanks for sharing!

I have seen a product being used in nursing homes that are little cubes filled with water. I think they come in different colors but that may be fun for him to “eat” water. I don’t know what they are called.

I just looked them up. They are called Jelly Drops.

Thanks Karen! I’ll check Jelly Drops.