Tips on tolerating quadruped position

Hello, I am a recently PTA grad and working with peds, I wanted to share a case and if anyone has some tips on helping me would be grateful. 2 year old, deaf and blind, I am trying to teach how to crawl but doesn’t tolerate quadruped position, any tips, techniques?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, what are they able to do currently? That will help give a starting place!

Also, here is my crawling playlist on YouTube if that is helpful. And my Development Milestone Blog Round up.

Hi, has no dynamic balance but can stand with assistance, sitting is improving.

Thank you, will watch.

Wow that’s incredible that you’re helping this child. I’m not a professional, but I wanted to share how nice it is to see people who give so much of themselves to do good in the world. :clap:

Thank you :slight_smile: I do my best to make them happy. :heart:

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