Tips for Talking to Your Little One

When communicating with your child, there are some things you can do to be sure you are getting the most out of your interaction!

  1. Get down to eye level with your child! This lets them know you’re engaged, listening, and ready to interact.
  2. Use eye contact! Even if your child does not use eye contact, you can model this skill with them. So much can be communicated through our eyes, such as you are waiting for a response!
  3. Let your child watch your mouth. It even helps to point to your mouth to draw attention to the sounds you are saying in words.
  4. Show that you are listening! By giving a look of anticipation and interest, you are setting the stage for communication!
  5. When talking, try to use new words in more than one way. Ideally, you want to use a new word in a few consecutive sentences to help with understanding.

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