Tips for Keeping Sleep on Track over the Holidays

:menorah::christmas_tree:The holidays are going to likely look a bit different for most of us this year, but regardless of whether you’re celebrating at home or staying with family here are some tips to help keep your little one’s sleep on track during the holiday season.

:sparkles:Stick with your usual bedtime routine: Regardless of where you’re sleeping (home or elsewhere) try to keep bedtime routine as consistent as possible. Well intentioned family members may want to be involved, but for your child’s benefit it is probably best to keep to familiar faces.

:sparkles:Leave time to wind down: Holiday festivities can be very over stimulating, so allow your little one some time to wind down in a quiet, lightly dimmed environment, before beginning bedtime routine.

:sparkles:Add some extra white noise: As well as white noise in your child’s sleep environment, it doesn’t hurt to add some in the hallway to prevent your baby from being woken up from any of the more festive guests​:wink:.

:sparkles:Allow extra naptime as necessary: If you want to keep your child up a bit later one evening, feel free to allow them to nap a bit longer to prevent them from becoming super overtired.

:sparkles:Mimic home sleep environment: If you’re staying somewhere else mimic your babies home sleep environment as best as you can (dark room, sleep sack, familiar smelling sheets, same books, same songs, white noise, etc.).

:sparkles:Familiarize child with sleep space prior to bedtime: If you’re sleeping away from home, have your child help set up their sleep space or watch you set it up. Read some books together or play a few quiet games in their sleep environment earlier in the day, to ensure they are comfortable with it when bedtime rolls around.

Above all, have fun and if there are a few bumps in the road try your best to roll with it and remember that you will be able to get back on track after the holiday festivities are over.

Sweet Dreams and Happy Holidays!

really great information! thank you!