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Tibial torsion

Ive gotten so many different opinions on my daughters mild tibial torsion and it’s driving me nuts!

She’ll be 2 in October, meeting milestones, but lower quality of movement, but had severe torticollis that we’re still working through. One peds ortho said follow up in 6months, but likely doesn’t need to be braced. One PT said no, one PT said yes, one podiatrist said, why not just do it, and an orthotist said what’s the rush, wait til she’s 3-4. What are the conditions when an AFO is recommended. She does have weaker hips/core, and I’m wondering if an AFO could help her alignment and maybe help her build that strength even more. Anyone have any professional input?!


Hi! I’m not surprised you are getting all different answers. What braces are being recommended and what are they saying they will be able to do? An AFO can be recommended for a number of reasons. One is it provides more support than a lower brace because it gives control at the ankle. Would love to hear what is being recommended and for what purpose specifically!

Thank you! One PT and the podiatrist recommended an AFO. Getting a second PT input in 2 weeks and we follow up with a new ortho for torticollis in October. The orthotist said an AFO, but closer to 3/4 years older. The PT yesterday just said it would help give her more stability tos void problems down the road. Sometimes the intoeing looks worse than others. I’m just so confused and hate that we have so many opinions. I wish we didn’t have so many professionals, but we do because of different issues like a broken arm, torticollis, and then my sons orthotist and podiatrist who eye balled her for me.

Got it. I don’t know that an AFO will ‘correct’ the tibial torsion but maybe some more support would provide some better stability. Without seeing her I would think maybe a good shoe with an insert or maybe SMOs (a little lower profile than AFO’s). I think the big thing will be to work on the hip and core strengthening. I also like to focus on calf power because sometimes the decreased push off causes the intoeing. Not sure if that helps or just threw another opinion in there. The reality is you can always try the braces and then decide against them if they aren’t making a big difference.

Thank you! Yes, a good sneaker makes a big difference in her stability. Her core and hip strength is really improving the past month. So am AFO doesn’t actually “correct” the torsion?

In my experience it doesn’t. The torsion has to do with the shape of the bone and there being extra twist as it goes down the bone. I would ask the orthotist what the AFO would do and see what they say.