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Thumb sucking, infant

Hi totsontarget, my son is 12 weeks old now. He started thumb sucking around 8weeks. He do thumb sucking when he is hungry/ sleepy/ when no one is around him. He takes off his thumb from his mouth only when we talk with him. As soon as I take out his thumb from his mouth his hand/finger immediately goes back. Is it ok to allow him to do thumb sucking? Is there anyway to make him stop thumb sucking?

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Hi! I am definitely not an expert on this but from what I understand it is self soothing. Some kids like pacifiers and some suck their thumb. There may be challenges with orthodontics as he gets older but there may have been anyway. I know the pacifier can be easier to get kids to stop doing but I am not sure about the thumb. So, from what I know it is fine, they are self soothing but there are definitely pros and cons. I’m interested to hear what others say as well!

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While none of my own children sucked their thumbs long term, they did all suck their hands when they got excited or emotional-oral stimulation is very soothing for a baby to help regulate emotions. Many children suck their thumbs and eventually stop on their own, so if it was my own child I wouldn’t be concerned.

All my kids did take pacifiers which I took away close to 2.5 (close to 3 with my youngest :woman_facepalming:t3:) and they’re all just fine now. Does your baby take a pacifier?


Hi! Sleep consultant here :grinning: :
Thumbsucking is a self soothing mechanism that many babies discover r. With a baby as young as yours I would let him be. You can offer a Small lovey And perhaps the baby will swap out the thumb sucking for a different self soothing mechanism but for now I would Leave it alone.
Of course ask your doctor if you are concerned .


No, he doesn’t use pacifier.

I agree with lots of the advice here-babies need to suck to self soothe. try replacing the hand with a paci if you feel more comfortable with sometime you can eventually take away. but most kids who suck their thumbs eventually stop on their own so worrying about it at this stage when your baby clearly needs it may ben unnecessary.

How do you feel about the advice given?