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Thinking of appropriate toys for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m starting to think about what to get my daughter. She’s just shy of 9 months, but I want to get her toys that are appropriate for her based on her age and not too overstimulating. From a therapy perspective, what toys do you absolutely love for her age? FYI she’s not quite crawling yet. Thanks!

Hi! I keep meaning to do a holiday list but here are some of my favorites (and my little guys) when he was that age and continues to be (he is 14 months currently). Some of them he is still growing into but I think that is good too!

He is loving these balls, they are a great size and they are bouncy.

This was one of the first ‘fine motor’ toys he figured out and we bought these ping pong balls to go with it since our ball was missing. We’ve also used the ping pong balls in the tub and in costco egg holders.(since they are clear)

This toy has been a hit for him and it’s fun to watch him figure it out.

He still goes for this one and just an fyi it’s a great ‘stress’ toy for parents too! I love popping the bubbles back and forth when I am on a call.

Any kind of blocks and Duplo/lego’s are great and they will grow into using them more as they get older. Same with Magna or picasso tile type toys.

Squigz are fun and can be used in the bath too (our main spot these days).

I can probably go on and on! Also I am always a big fan of books and have put some of our favorites on this amazon list.

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