Teeth Grinding

My little one (17 months old) is grinding her teeth. I can hear it occasionally. Ideas on cause? How to help or stop? We don’t do a pacifier and really only ever did on airplanes and such.

I am dentist and tooth grinding (bruxism) can be a sign of airway issues which would need to be addressed by an ENT surgeon for which you should be referred to by your dentist. Please ensure that referral is going to an ENT who is familiar with bruxism in children.
Grinding can also be an obscure symptom of parasitic worms in children( other signs and symptoms should be seen) and a visit to GP would be warranted.
Mild grinding which is not habitual (ie more than 4 days a week) could be just a normal growth phase.


Thank you so much for this insight, and welcome to the community!

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I spoke to my daughters dentist because my daughter does and he said it is not a concern dental wise. The only thing to look into is if they aren’t getting rested and they have trouble focusing it could be an issue and talk to the pediatrician.