Teaching older child to bike ride without training wheels

Hi! My son just turned 7 and I’m trying to teach him to tide a two wheeler (he never really used a bike wig training wheels). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi! This is always a tough question. I am actually working on a blog post but haven’t finished it yet (on my never ending to do list). Here is an older post. Each child is different. Did he ride a tricycle? Did he use a balance bike?

So to ride a bike they need several components. They need to be able to pedal and maintain enough momentum they can keep their balance. If they are moving too slow keeping balance is really hard. This is where a bike with training wheels has been helpful for some children. Honestly in our clinic when we teach kids we have the easiest time teaching them after they have learned to ride with training wheels.

They also need to balance. This is where the balance bike is helpful. Possibly because we are working with kids who already have delays we have had a harder time with this but many of my friends kids have gone easily from a balance bike to a two wheeler.

What is the challenge you are currently having with him?

Also, we use a harness to help so that you can start to let go of them but easily grab them if needed. It can also save your back!

One mistake that people often make is holding way too tightly and the child just leans into them so it feels like they are never going to get their balance. Have a little bit of wiggle room for them so they can try to correct!

I’m also happy to do a consult with you if you are struggling and want me to see what is happening!

Love the harness idea!

And if you can start out with a balance bike, they’re amazing to help children gain that sense of balance without having to worry about pedaling.

Another idea is to practice on the grass first. Kids aren’t typically as fearful of falling on the grass and it also helps apply some friction so the bike goes a bit slower